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Do you have a car you use for track days?

We can prepare and set up your car, giving you peace of mind.

Items to be considered when taking your car to the track

  • Lubricants
  • Brakes
  • Tyres / Suspension / Wheel Alignment
  • Seat / Seat Belts / Fire Extinguisher

Book your car in with us over the holidays and get the most out of your next day at the track.🚘🏁

To book your Track Day Preparation for your car, contact us today – racecars@scorpionracecars.co.nz

“Not the result we are racing for”

Not the result we were racing for at round2 of the South Island Endurance Series.With a new driver combination, the car was fast, improving with each session. A random electrical fault stranding the car out on circuit halfway through the race, while in second place.

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“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet”

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” | Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Project Elvis turns a wheel for the first time after a full, from the ground up, rebuild.

Do you have a automotive project in mind?Whether you have a Racecar, Kitcar, Sportscar or Restoration project and are looking for a ‘turnkey’ option, contact us today and let’s get you back on track.
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Track Day Preparation – Have a Nice Day :)

Do you have a car you use for track days?

We can prepare and set your car up, our experience ensures you will have the peace of mind that your car is prepared safely, and you can enjoy a reliable and trouble free track day.

Items to be considered when taking your car to the track

  • Lubricants – full service and upgrade to a high spec oil so the engine and gearbox can be pushed to the limit safely and reliably.
  • Brake – A set of high-performance brake pads and rotors and change to high spec brake fluid.
  • Fitting seat belts, fire extinguisher
  • Check suspension / corner weights / wheel alignment

Contact us today to make the most of your car and day at the track.

Project Elvis Taking Shape

Back on the 430 build, it’s coming together nicely ⚙️🔩🔧

Got a project in mind? Whether you have a Racecar, Kitcar, Sportscar, a restoration project or any other form of ‘turnkey’ project, message us today and let us get your car back on track.

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Saturday Night Special

It certainly was a “Saturday Night Special” at the John Webster Memorial meeting held at Waikaraka Park with Breyton Davison Racing, progressing through the heats and coming from the rear in the feature race after an early race tangle to finish in 7th.
We’re super excited to be heading down to Huntly PlaceMakers Speedway for the Speedfest next Saturday. Stay tuned for update

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